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Hawkins is angling for a promotion that will get him out of this backwater, but the visiting captain is less than impressed by him and his cronies, the vile Ruse Damon Herriman and the weakling Jago Harry Greenwood. Learning that he is not going to get his recommendation, Hawkins determines to set out for Launceston and petition the powers-that-be for himself.

  • Mainly Norfolk: English Folk and Other Good Music;
  • Lyrical Ballads (1798)/The Nightingale, a Conversational Poem.
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  • Nightingale.

But not before an escalating series of events leads him and his unmerry band to commit several unspeakable crimes against Clare and her family. Beaten, bloodied, and utterly bereft, Clare resolves to track the threesome down and kill them. But they have a headstart, and the journey to Launceston is several days through an impassably hostile territory.

In fact, all the white men they meet, with the sole exception of one brusque but kindly oldster, are repellent. Out of his knapsack he took a fine fiddle He played her such merry tunes that you ever did hear He played her such merry tunes that the valley did ring And softly cried the fair maid as the nightingale sings. Oh, I'm off to India for seven long years Drinking wines and strong whiskies instead of strong beer And if ever I return again 'twill be in the spring And we'll both sit down together love to hear the nightingale sing.

Common Nightingale song

Another song that has been popular on the folk scene ever since the first folk club opened. Found in several versions with various tunes.

This is an English folk song popular in Ireland. It tells the story of a meeting between a young girl and a married soldier. Index Recent Topics Search.

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