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Max, a young rapper aged 11, discovers classical music thanks to the great conductor, Daniel Barenboim. But juggling rap concerts, basketball matches and preludes by Bach is far from simple, particularly when no one on his housing estate knows about his secret passion…. A group of 12 year-olds set off on a voyage of discovery to all four corners of the globe. This is an opportunity for them to discover new cultures and new ways of life in these developing countries.

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His brother, Littlebro, dreams of taking his place! But Iron Nose the knight blocks his path. With his two friends Burn and Goathorn, he throws about honour and justice in the neighbouring areas. Their goal is to discover history, not just the kind learned in books, but also by meeting children over the centuries. Three young teachers are faced with pretty disgusting stuff each day: urine on the toilet floors, moldy food in the fridge and disgusting smells.

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Operation Yuk begins: the goal is to understand the phenomenon and discover how it can be useful. In Toy Town, someone is distributing gifts to everyone. The toys would love to thank the generous individual but no one knows who it is! Noddy tries to track down the mysterious stranger. Yann and his little sister Marina live with their uncle Patrick, a famous oceanographer, on a Polynesian atoll. Their friendship sees them exploring the ocean depths together. But for their parents, what they dread most is when the bickering stops!

La vie des Dinosaures - Compilation #1 - 30min

In each episode, they present a children's nursery rhyme in their own unique way. We can still learn from the dinosaurs! Each episode features something new to discover. Some of them had fur for example, while others ate stones. We also learn the truth about the largest carnivore, which was not the tyrannosaurus.

Helped by his friends, he hopes to one day become the greatest Kairu fighter ever: a Redakai. The robot, who has human emotions, lives with a year-old boy called Tommy and becomes his best friend. Tommy teaches him how to be a real human. The little creatures have many adventures from their birth through to their independence, until it is time to leave the nest.


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Dinosaurs of France - EM|consulte

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