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This is a collection of Early English Books on Microfilm; it is only a selection of the possible total. There are two sets of books to use to identify items on the microfilm. These microfilms are located at call number AC 1. E5 in the Journal Room in gray file drawers. Write down the identifying number on the left hand side in the author section.

If using Wing, also take note of the letter of the alphabet --each letter starts with number 1, so you need to note whether it is A, B, C, etc. E1 1std reel nos. Is it the first item?

Beyond Production, Circulation and Consumption

The fifteenth? The microfilm has black spaces between books, so knowing which item it is will make it much faster to search the microfilm. One can also find useful information in WorldCat. For example, a search for personal name: Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, ? In one of the note fields it indicates: Early English books, ; Wing; A What this means is that this item can be found in the Wing set of microfilms that is to say, STC II , reel , the 4th item on the microfilm.

Early Modern Spain: A Social History (Social History of Modern Europe)

This matches perfectly with what your librarian discovered when she went to Wing page 36, where number was listed to the left of the entry for Agrippa, Henricus Cornelius. E13 13thth reel nos. The 4th item listed is: A Agrippa, Henricus Cornelius. Female pre-eminence.

Books in Motion in Early Modern Europe

Because CSU owns reel , your librarian looked through it and the fourth item on it was Female pre-eminence. So CSU has far from the complete set. However, items owned by Prospector libraries can be requested online.

The following sites have materials of interest to those doing research in early modern European history. World War I. CSU History page. Lists resources, how to identify additional books and articles, and links to resources on World War I. Art in 19th Century Europe.

Early Modern Europe

CSU Art page. Lists resources, how to identify additional books and articles, and links to resources on 19th century European art.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook. Fordham University. Links to primary sources; arranged by broad topic. European History Primary Sources. European University Institute, Florence, Italy. Browse digital libraries by country, language, period, subject, and type of source.

There are also search options. Eighteenth-Century Resources — History. Jack Lynch.

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Eighteenth-Century Resources on the Net. Links to a number of sites a few are listed on this page. Divided by: history: general resources, chronologies, enlightenment, exploration, British history, monarchs and prime ministers, crime, piracy, and low life, newspapers, journals, broadsides, and print culture, American history several subcategories, but these aren't European topics , European history: general, France with subtopics , Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, other history, military history, and amateur historiography and historical re-enactment.

Virtual Library. WWW Virtual Library. Has links to broad categories of history as found in the Virtual Library.

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  • Atlan 616: Das Spinar (Heftroman): Atlan-Zyklus Die Abenteuer der SOL (Atlan classics Heftroman) (German Edition).
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Early Modern Resources: Europe. Sharon Howard. Site author in earlier version defined early modern as Links have not been evaluated. Arranged by broad categories. British History Online. Arranged by: places, subjects, periods 11thth centuries , sources Primary sources, Secondary texts, Guides and calendars [ Printed guides and calendars of manuscript collections, such as the Calendars of State Papers] , Gazetteers and dictionaries, and Maps , maps, and calendars of state papers appears to be for subscribers only.

Browse by period for Papers of British Parliament from to Naomi Lederer. CSU Libraries. Annotated books and links to material related to events that took place during Shakespeare's lifetime. Has terms to search in library catalogs for additional items. Irish History Online.

Early Modern History and Modern History E-Books Online, Collection

Contains "what has been written about Irish history from earliest times to the present. Library of Early Journals British. Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford. A digital library of six 18th and 19th Century journals. Scanned images of the pages. Not all are there. London Magazine, or Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, From Online Books Page. Not all years, but see full issues of the magazine from , from Michigan's library, scanned by Google , and Google books.

View page by page. Centre for Metropolitan History. Making of the UK. British Library. Context is provided. No annotations are provided. A particular advantage of the IBHS is its coverage of a large variety of languages and countries of publication, but its unusual format-the language of the preface and table of contents rotates annually among English, French, German, Italian and Spanish-can be confusing. Publication delay of several years. Bibliographie annuelle de l'histoire de France.